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Established in 1978, Kologn is a manufacturing company that specializes in producing high quality and accurate weighing scales. We offer OEM and ODM services for weighing scales and timers across multiple industries; such as weight loss, home kitchen, post offices, and more.

Throughout these 40 years, we’ve built many long-term relationships with clients all around the world, with many for over 10 years already. As a leading weighing scale manufacturer, we serve clients in North America, Europe, Japan, Korean, and other countries around the Pacific.

We also offer design services where our in-house design and engineering team can assist in designing new and unique designs for you. All our designs are patented in Hong Kong and the UK.

Fast & Efficient

With the production framework developed over the years, we can help you deliver quickly and effectively

Modern Design

Our in-house design team can help you design unique and modern scales

40 Years of Experiences

We've with X clients and Y projects over the years. You can rely on on us with your weighing scale requirements

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Our Unique Approach

As a manufacturing company, we want to focus more on your product’s design aspects. We started making this shift in 2016 due to changing global manufacturing trends.

We want to deliver new and unique products that will sell well for our clients. We invested heavily into product development, which involves building an in-house product design team, procuring advanced software, and more complex electronics – all of which will help us supply better quality and more durable product for you.

While we’re placing more emphasis on design, manufacturing is still our bread and butter. We have our own metal stamping and plastic injection plants. When required, we can also scale our manufacturing process based on your demand. We’ve worked with many local manufacturers in the past and have no problem in delivering quality products on time.

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